23rd November 2019 Pre-Christmas tasting and wine sales day

Pre-Christmas tasting and wine sales day from 11 am - 19 pm

From this year, a weekend earlier and only on Saturday, we would like to invite you to our traditional tasting and wine sales day.

Try our wines, enjoy the homely, pre-Christmas atmosphere, entertaining chat and the small delicacies served for tasting. On these days we will be happy to offer you an advent discount of 10% from a purchase of 150,– € upon pick-up.

(Grosse Gewächse & Riesling CO are excluded from the discount)

We kindly ask you to register by 19. November 2019 via the reservation form or buero@no-spamliquidearth.de.

Until the 21st of December we offer the Christmas discount upon pick-up from 150€ at the winery.