80 - 170 m in elevation, approx. 65 – 120% gradient, 11.32 classified hectares

Like many famous vineyards with a centuries-old tradition of grand wines, the Ölberg name has a Biblical echo that can be traced back to the monastery that once stood here. Yet the name surely also pays homage at least in part to the high viscosity and concentration of essential oil aromas in wines produced here.

The Ölberg is our southernmost vineyard on the Roter Hang. It runs east/west through the central section of the Roter Hang, covering a significant portion of the overall breadth of the entire growing block. The Ölberg is the only one of our Roter Hang sites to enjoy full southern exposure. The rocky soil is heavily fissured, making vineyard work a challenging labor of love.

While rocky veins rise to the surface of the Rothenberg and Pettenthal, the soil of the Ölberg is more porous and permeable. Its red clayey slate reflects millions of years of weathering, almost replacing the layer of humus. Our parcel acts like an ideal heat reservoir, encouraging the grapes to reach a consistent and optimal physiological ripeness.