190 - 200 m in elevation, approx. 40% gradient, 17.68 classified hectares

The village of Flörsheim, home to our Frauenberg vineyard, lies a bit north of Hohen-Sülzen.  The vineyard is mentioned in official documents from 1290 as “an frauwenhalten.” In German, this suggests ownership by women — and indeed the hill was originally in the possession of a nunnery.

The Frauenberg is notable for its consistent and distinctively white profile. The top layer is comprised of limestone gravel, with a pure limestone substrate below. The exposed southerly location and elevated ridge of the Frauenberg are anything but easy for our vines: cool, persistent wind blows through the rows, tugging constantly at the fruit. The mineral-rich soil here is extremely barren, forcing the vines to dig their roots deep to reach the nutrients they need. Hard on the vines, but precisely the tough conditions that are ideal for a long and healthy growth cycle. No wonder then that the Frauenberg is consistently one of our last vineyards to harvest.