250 m elevation, up to 40% gradient

A layer of broken limestone comprises the topsoil, with a solid limestone substrate below. The exposed position and high ridge of the Frauenberg push the grapes to the limit. There is warmth from the south, counteracted by constant cooling winds that circulate through the rows. Extremely craggy and mineral-rich soil forces the vines to dig very deep for their nutrients. In all, the conditions are perfect for an extended and robust vegetative period.

Riesling from Frauenberg is dominated by stony aromas. Herbal spice, cool tobacco, polished acidity and a steely mineral backbone. Notable for a fine creaminess on the palate, yet this wine keeps a couple of secrets in reserve. Indeed, Frauenberg loves the thrill of the chase. The bottles need time. The bottles need space. Given both, they will reward with an elegance and finesse capable of taking your breath away.