150 m elevation, 15% gradient.

Our flagship is the Kirchenstück vineyard in Hohen-Sülzen. First mentioned in official documents as far back as the Thirty Years' War, its original name was 'Griebelstein', which roughly translates to "ground stone." And indeed, the topsoil of the Kirchenstück is comprised of soft, calcareous stones that can be crushed between the fingers. This hints at the Kirchenstück's secret: its grapes have an excellent supply of nutrients, despite the barren limestone bedrock on which the vines grow.

Riesling from the Kirchenstück caresses the mouth with a delicious creaminess and enchants with its stunning and delicate fruit.

The Spätburgunder from the Kirchenstück showcases cool herbal notes, with juiciness and a subtle barrel influence carving out dark depths to round out the cool aromatic spectrum.