Zellertal Kreuzberg VDP. Erste Lage Pfalz

The first Riesling from the Palatinate region from the BattenfeldSpanier winery is bottled!

It is well known that H.O. Spanier has made a special contribution to the locations in the Zellertal. First he recalled the Frauenberg into the consciousness of the wine lovers, then the Zellerweg am schwarzen Herrgott.

The soil formation in the Zellertal, with its mighty underground limestone banks, is simply unique, as the wine historian Friedrich von Bassermann-Jordan pointed out in his standard work "History of viticulture" in 1907. Unfortunately, the fact that viticulture has been practiced

in documents in the Zellertal since the 8th century, making it one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Germany, could not prevent the Zellertal from falling prehard in the 20th century.

Today, the imaginary boundary between Rhine Hesse and the Palatinate runs through the Zellertal, but this has not stopped H.O. from starting management of Palatinate vineyards more than 10 years ago. Below the Zellerweg am schwarzen Herrgott lies a parcel that releans by the

black cross of the Zellerweg am schwarzen Herrgott and is consequently called "Zellertal Kreuzberg." Geologically, the Zellertal Kreuzberg is as unique as the Zellerweg am schwarzen Herrgott. The 2018 Zellertal Kreuzberg Riesling will be at the VDP. Auction in Bad Kreuznach exclusively offered.

He is a rarity with his few bottles.