Zellertal Kreuzberg VDP. Erste Lage Pfalz

Renowned wine historian Friedrich von Bassermann-Jordan noted in his classic "History of Viniculture" from 1907 that the powerful subterranean limestone formations of the Zeller Valley make its soil unlike any other. The Zeller Valley has seen winegrowing since the 8th century, placing it squarely among the oldest winegrowing regions anywhere in Germany. Even so, it had largely slipped into obscurity during the 20th century.

Today the Zeller Valley represents the imaginary border between Rheinhessen and the Pfalz, which did nothing to discourage me ten years ago from acquiring vineyards to cultivate in the Pfalz as well. There is a site below the Schwarzer Herrgott that looks up on the Herrgott's black Kreuz ('cross') and hence bears the name "Zellertal Kreuzberg." From a geological standpoint, the Zellertal Kreuzberg is as unique as the Schwarzer Herrgott itself.

The VDP has classified the Kreuzberg as an "Erste Lage," which in the BattenfeldSpanier portfolio positions it as the bridge to the Grosses Gewächs Rieslings. Just as the Cros Parantoux of Burgundy are worthy counterparts to the Grand Cru wines, the soil conditions on the "Zellertal Kreuzberg" similarly ensure that these iconic wines hold up well when compared with the finest, rarest GG wines.