Zellerweg am schwarzen Herrgott

240 m elevation, up to 40% gradient

Schwarze Herrgott is one of Germany’s oldest and most renowned vineyards, documented as having been home to winegrowing since at least the 8th century. In recent decades, however, it had slipped into obscurity. The site lies at the head of the Zeller Valley basin, which opens up a few kilometers to the east, and abuts the Frauenberg. The substrate here is pure limestone. Even among wines from the scraggy, limestone-rich hills of the Wonnegau, the precision of these Rieslings is renowned.

Spicy aromas of iodine and minerality play with the discreet notes of yellow fruits such as Mirabelle plum and ripe quinces. The razor sharp, chiseled minerality on the palate highlights an unhurried aromatic carousel of the kind that only great wines possess.