80 - 174 m in elevation, approx. 60 - 120% gradient, 12.28 classified hectares

A striking formation of red slate provides the impressive backdrop for our parcels in Hipping, which take the shape of a small amphitheater. We hold two parcels here, fitting together like two sides of a parabolic satellite dish. They are directly opposite each other on the north and south slopes. Located in the highest part of the Hipping vineyard, both sites enjoy uniform sun exposure.  The barren subsoil here has been dated at 280 million years old, with ancient rocks inside that store the warmth of the day and act as a counterpoint to the cool night winds that tumble out of the side valleys.

It is certainly one of the world’s most extraordinary terroirs and no grape variety is better suited to interpret this singular microclimate than Riesling. What grows here is incomparable, captivating and breathtaking  — Rieslings brimming with minerality and the expression of this very special terroir.

Back in 1550, this site was called the “hupbuhl.” This suggests it was a goat hill at that time, since 'Hippe' means goat and 'Buhl' translates to hill in Middle High German.