A mighty bank of clayey slate from the Roter Hang rises to the surface here before submerging again a few kilometers to the south just outside Nierstein.  Over time we have acquired parcels on each of the Roter Hang's most fascinating sites and, following an extensive program of recultivation, our vines in Nackenheim have now reached the ideal age to produce brilliant wine. The Nackenheim Riesling is a quintessential example of the clarion Rieslings possible from this special red slate.

The VDP classifies the vineyards of its members, with the finest divided into “Grosse Lage” and “Erste Lage” sites.  Starting with the 2018 vintage, the Nackenheim Riesling will bear the VDP.AUS ERSTEN LAGEN classification, as only grapes from classified Erste and Große Lagen sites can be used in this wine.