Our decision in 2006 to give our Ortswein the Nierstein name had a lot of people shaking their heads in disbelief. On the one hand, it is perhaps the most famous village name on the Rheinterrasse and the majority of our vines grow in that district. Yet the Nierstein's reputation had become somewhat sullied by a preponderance of sweet and simple wines. We nevertheless believed that there was a 'genius loci' — a spirit of the place — at work in Nierstein, waiting to express itself in our wine. Our success has proven us right, even if most people would now instead refer to it as 'terroir.'

Our Ortswein reflects everything that has historically made Rhine wines so famous: the body is formed by the sweetness of the Riesling grapes, while the porous stony clay slate soils open up the wine and impart tautness and finesse.