80 - 170 m elevation, 65% gradient.

The Ölberg is a broad site that runs east-west through the center of the Roter Hang. It is our only Roter Hang site to enjoy full southerly exposure. Our parcels sit in the old heart of the Ölberg, where the stony soil and stark fissures make vineyard work an inherently physical and logistical challenge. With a gradient topping out over 60%, our vineyard block is considered a classic steep slope site.

While the Rothenberg, Pettenthal and Hipping each have prominent exposed rock formations, the soil on the Ölberg is more porous and permeable. The red clay slate was ground down over millions of years and at this point has essentially replaced the humus layer. We have worked hard to restore our vineyards to a more natural state, resulting in a noticeable difference in the microbial profile of the soil.

Riesling from the Ölberg is juicy with a range of charming warm fruits, approachable and expressive.