90 - 170 m in elevation, approx. 70 – 100% gradient, 20.62 classified hectares

The Pettenthal site is situated to the south of the Rothenberg. The two vineyards actually flow together to form a section of the Roter Hang, with nearly identical exposition and soil composition.

The major difference is elevation. Rising to 170 meters above sea level, the Pettenthal sits somewhat higher than the Rothenberg, with somewhat rockier soils. As a result, the vines growing here must dig very deep into the soft rock to reach the nutrients and minerals they need. The higher and steeper the growing block, the more difficult it is for the vines to survive. And that is the prerequisite for great wines.

This is the steepest vineyard parcel anywhere in Rheinhessen. It is also the spot where an ancient vein of bedrock that traverses the entire length of the Roter Hang rises most prominently to the surface. The top layer of humus is extremely thin and nutrients for the vine can only be found deep in the stony soil.

It is believed the Pettenthal name hearkens back to the era where the vineyards were still part of the church's holdings (Paters Tal = Valley of the Monks). The cadastral listing in that name dates back to 1753.