90 - 140 m in elevation, approx. 75 – 120% gradient, 8.38 classified hectares

The Rothenberg is situated at the northern end of the famous Roter Hang. Its steep slopes and southeast orientation provide the grapes with the benefits of the full morning sun, both from above and reflected off the surface of the Rhine from below. Interestingly, this exposure also lends the fruit a distinctive coolness.

Our parcel on the Rothenberg is perched like an eagle’s nest atop the slope. It is the steepest section of the Rothenberg and carries the name Kapellchen, or 'Little Chapel.' Like a classic Burgundian 'Clos,' the vineyard is enclosed within a stone wall.

The Rothenberg name says it all: the red slate soils provide our Riesling grapes with a foundation so soft and porous that the roots can literally eat through the slate rock.

These certainly contain some of the oldest Riesling vines in all of Germany, predating the regulations put in place during the phylloxerra epidemic of the first half of the twentieth century. That’s why we call the wine 'wurzelecht,' meaning 'ungrafted.'

First mentioned as “in dem Rode” in 1364. While likely a reference to the color of the soil here, some hold that it may refer to the fact that the vineyard slope had just been tilled ('roden' in German.)