90 - 140 m elevation, 70% gradient.

Our winegrowing block sits proudly like an eyrie atop the hill. It is the steepest section of the Rothenberg and bears the name Kapellchen ('Little Chapel').

The Rothenberg ('Red Hill') name says it all: our Riesling vines grow in red slate soils known for being so soft and porous that the roots can literally eat through the rock. These are surely among the oldest Riesling vines in Germany, planted in 1934 before the laws to protect against the Phylloxera catastrophe. That’s why we call our wine “wurzelecht” ('ungrafted').

Our “wurzelecht” Grosses Gewächs from the Rothenberg vineyard has come to be celebrated as an iconic wine and is always in extreme demand. The unbelievably silky texture and sublime elegance of this Riesling reflect the exceedingly rare but truly ideal conditions found here.