Just a few kilometers directly behind Oppenheim, a vein of red stone known as Rotliegend pushes through to the surface, offering a spectacular substrate for winegrowing. Although a band of this red stone lurks below the soil across the globe, it only rises to the top layers in a few very specific places. And only here, on the Roter Hang above the Rhine River, is viticulture possible on this soil.

Wines from the Roter Hang deliver a balanced ripeness, a mild acidity, and a creaminess on the palate that is the envy of wine producers the world over.

We in the VDP.RHEINHESSEN agreed that our Ortswein tier would consist solely of fruit from our classified Erste Lage vineyards. All of our Ortsweine thus fulfill the same strict regulations that apply to other wines from VDP.ERSTE LAGE sites.