C.O. Riesling Liquid Earth

“C.O.” comes from the craggiest section of the Zellertal, situated between Frauenberg GC and Schwarzer Herrgott GC, and is harvested only as the last of the other fruit is coming in. C.O. is fully a creation of the Zellertal itself.

It is sourced from a selection of the oldest vines and finest parcels, and thus does not fall under the standard site classification, yet like several iconic cuvées from Burgundy or Piedmont. The most important plots are owned solely by the estate and were therefore not classified in 1998. These are popularly known as “Bei den Felsen” (À-côté-des-rochers) — a reference to the calcareous and rocky subsoil.

There’s no fruitiness, but plenty of salinity, stone, limestone, and mineral spice — like a monolith that time itself has carved into a sculpture. The effect is one of drinking pure stone, hence the “LIQUID EARTH by H.O.” moniker.

Maturity makes the difference between a good and an outstanding wine. We created a subterranean cellar, naturally cooled across its 1,800 square meters. A massive investment to bring wines onto the world market at the perfect point in time. “C.O.” is released after some years of maturation spent in the estate’s dedicated aging cellar.

One of the world’s few white wines that is presented to the public only after maturation, “C.O.” is stored each year in the aging cellar. Only a few retailers and journalists have had the pleasure of tasting this wine, as it has been intentionally held back waiting for the right moment to let wine connoisseur all over the world discover our iconic wine.

Stuart Pigott: "This feels like a German version of Trimbach's Clos Ste. Hune, but because the climate is cooler in Rheinhessen than in Alsace, this has very moderate alcoholic content and crisper acidity." 97/100

Stephan Reinhardt: "This is a very promising and expressive Riesling from pure limestone. The finish is very long and complex and the aging potential should be excellent here. (…) Dry Riesling with great Finesse."

Giuseppe Lauria: "Plays fully on the side of finesse with the self-confidence of a grand wine." 19/20