Back when I finished my training as a winemaker in 1991, I founded a winegrowing estate of my own. From the start, we were dedicated to organic principles.

The restoration and upkeep of the microbial life in the soil is my most important goal, because the soil is the very core of our effort to convey the taste of what came long before us and that which lies ahead. Riesling is my vision.

Vision. H. O. Spanier is a member of the "Académie Internationale du vin", a non-commercial organization dedicated to the study of noble wines.

My wines sound out the space between intervention and inaction, between reason and risk. Every year - every day, to be honest - is unlike any other when it comes to winegrowing. As a winemaker, I need to take everything I have learned and consider settled and simply forget it all again at precisely the moment when it's time to apply it. Otherwise there is no space for intuition.

The grape is for me an interpreter of our southerly Wonnegau soils and their extreme limestone. And that is what interests me: the range of stone and soil aromas that exist out beyond the transient fruit. Dancing minerality. Salty provenance.

RHEIN MAINZ WORMS Kirchenstück Hohen-Sülzen Zellertal Zellerweg am Schwarzen Hergott Kreuzberg Mölsheim Frauenberg Bodenheim
WORMS Mölsheim Zellertal Hohen-Sülzen Frauenberg Kreuzberg Zellerweg am Schwarzen Hergott Kirchenstück RHEIN