I have been managing my family's estate since 2006, together with my husband. I am a nature lover, an oenologist, businesswoman and mother of two. What I enjoy most of all, though, is welcoming guests. I want our visitors to feel right at home at our estate, and we've tried to set up an atmosphere that nurtures that feeling.

Just like you can't make grass grow faster by tugging on the blades, you can't improve wine by trying to make it ripen quickly. Our wines often come to market no earlier than two or even three years after harvest.

We view each wine’s maturation as a purification process. The aromas of the grapes melt away, while the aromas of the vineyard, the soil and the stone gain in prominence. Only then does our 'genius loci' — the spirit of this place, of these Rheinterassen and the slate soils of the Roter Hang — truly emerge.

Bodenheim RHEIN MAINZ WORMS Kreuz Ölberg Pettenthal Hipping Rothenberg Oppenheim Nierstein RHEIN Hohen-Sülzen
Bodenheim Ölberg Pettenthal Hipping Rothenberg Nierstein RHEIN Oppenheim Kreuz Nackenheim